Hanging Actuator

Arduino UNO, Ethernet Shield W5100, iPhone App

I have two actuators (LEDs) connected to digital pin 7 and digital pin 5.
In the web app, I have no issues with switching these LEDs on/off.

However, in the iPhone App, I can switch digital pin 7 on/off without issues, but as soon as I turn on the LED attached to digital pin 5… no matter how long I wait … I cannot turn it off.

I have to return to the web-app to turn it off…

Ok - just wait … I have just discovered a bit more to this issue.
I added the LED attached to Pin 5 to my CayenneTest Project from the iPhone app … and it was at this point that I noticed this issue.
When I went back to the Web app - the LED attached to pin 5 was not showing in the CayenneTest project (it was only showing in in the Arduino Uno device).
So had to refresh the web page, which seemed to force it to update… and only after it appeared in the CayenneTest Project - I did not have any further issues with either LED on either platform.

I hope that made sense??

I am not sure if this problem occurred because I was using both the Web App and the iPhone app within the same session ??


Hey Scott,

Good to see you again :slight_smile: Thanks so much for posting this! …Sorry for the late reply here too.

I’ll see if we can reproduce this issue and give you an update. Certainly the expected experience would be that the force update is not needed.


Hey Scott,

We were able to reproduce, a fix will be deployed with next iOS update. To get around this in future, if you back out of the Project View and then go back to the Project View on iOS app, it should work normally.



Thanks B !!