Heating control

I want to control my heating system with Cayenne, and I want to do it low cost. So, no expensive brand RF thermothates.


  1. Most of the rooms floor heating.
  2. A few rooms radiator heating.
  3. Every room his own temperature control.
  4. Every room a small tablet for Cayenne (light switching, equipment switching, temperature control).

My simple thoughts:

  1. Every room a temperature sensor (Raspberry PI zero Wifi with temperature sensor).
  2. Every floor heating group a actuator (Raspberry PI zero Wifi with actuator).
  3. Every radiator a actuator (Raspberry PI zero Wifi with actuator).
  4. In Domoticz modules (I don’t know the right description) where I can type in or turn up/down the temperature I want for that room.
  5. Scripts that compare the measured temperature and the wanted temperature per room and (de)activate the actuator for that room/group or radiator.

Who has experience with this, can help me?


Hi Rob,

You can browse the Cayenne Projects category to get a feel for what some Cayenne members have made for their heating systems.

@Bill has experience with the Pi Zero and fully automating the home, he may be able to give you some advice :slight_smile:

Yes- been there, done that.
Easy peasey.

Hello Bill,

Thanks for your reply.

Can I get some information about it?

Since today I have Cayenne. I use it with a Raspberry PI and I can measure temperature and switch on a relais when the temperature is above a certain level and switch of when it is below a certain level.

But now: how can I adjust that level on my dashboard, and not in the trigger edit mode?


slider widget-
yes, you guessed correctly about the trigger mode. NOT the best way-

As far as I know, the only way to plug a variriable into Cayenne is by using the SLIDER widget. i’m not SURE about that, either.

For what I understand is that you only can use a slider if you have a device connected that can use a slider value.

It would be nice if you can fill a variabel with a slider value and use that variabel in the trigger.

I wonder if you can use a variabel?

The SLIDER widget is a virtual thingie,
so you should be able to send it’s value to an if/then statement in triggers…

I HAVE sent positioning data TO a servo motor
using triggers and set positioning values, so I know it works.

That would be nice, but if you choose Add a widget Slider it asks for a device.

In the tutorail it also says:

Change the value of the connected device, such as dimming a light. The units, MIN and MAX values can be adjusted in settings.

So, it is not a virtual thing.

It works 4 me-

Select ANY device and add a slider-
The device in the my example is a Sonoff Switch.

-Perhaps @adam knows more about Slider widget.

As you can see, in my case Cayenne wants me to select a device in the right side of the screen. If I place my mouse on top of it, it gives a red NO symbol.

The second thing is: how can I define a variabel?

I have run in the same issue with selecting the device. Try adding an Actuator->Generic->PWM Output, the widget type should be a slider.

As far as setting a variable from the slider, I use a slider for setting a motion sensor timeout value that is passed back to the device and set as a variable. You just need to use a CAYENNE_IN(VPIN) function to get the value from the slider. The VPIN is actually going to be whatever Virtual PIN number you assign to the slider, for example V8.

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Yes- I believe that when I accomplished it before, -I had installed a PWM extention. Exactly!

-my memory is a bit mushy.
I only went to 1 Grateful Dead concert-
from 1982 until 1995.
It was a long, strange trip.

It aproves that you are only human!

Hello Andre,

Can you please be a little more specific because I am new in Cayenne and I don’t know how I can make/use a CAYENNE_IN(VPIN) function.

It would be nice if you can make a step by step explanation.

Its pretty straight forward:


Thank you.

I have the idea that this is working for a Arduino environment, but I am using a Raspberry PI.

If you are using a Pi you will have to go with the MQTT API for custom widgets. Cayenne Docs Let me know if you need any help!