Help in transmitting between arduino


s there a way to transmit between the various arduino connected to the cayenne dashboard ?! for newbies I mean.
I’ll explain the problem. I have a photovoltaic system and I would like to light a resistance only when the difference between production and consumption exceeds a certain threshold. but unfortunately I divided the two arduino who manage the whole thing.


you can use trigger for this. on one arduino calculate the difference between production and consumption and send it to cayenne. then set a trigger to this value and turn ON a button which in turn turns ON the light.


the problem and that are two different Arduino to carry out the task of production and consumption … I’m looking for help


why are you using two arduino for this? can you provide more details.


because in different places, for example outside in the garden I have the arduino for the control of pumps and ground moisture, outside where I have the current counter I have an arduino for current loads, next to the photovoltaic another arduino, next to the thermal panel another the temperature probes … understood now ?!


this can be achieved by doing a long work around.

Arduino 1 : carry out the task of production.

Arduino 2 : carry out the task of consumption.

Publish both values to cayenne.
Add two button widget to arduino 3 which you want to control the light.
Now set trigger for y and z which turns ON the two buttons.
Then in your Arduino 3 read values of both button and if they are true then turn ON the light.


in fact, I knew it was possible to use cayenne (with rasp) as a server to receive the values ​​sent by arduino … and use a single dashboard. I just wanted to know how to do or at least some guidelines


I explained above. What else you want more from me?
If you can be more specific l can help you.


I want it to be all on one dashboard, all on one page, how to explain it better …
I want to use more arduino to transmit to a single rasp on the network … and the rasp displays and processes everything


Can you tell me the use case of this? So I can suggest something that can solve the issue you are having.
What I understand is you want all Arduino to communicate to raspberry Pi. So do they need to communicate via internet or can it be some other way of communication.


Did you make a project in Cayenne?


I have to send data from an Arduino to another through lcayenne … is it possible? or via hn raspbarry. I’m building a photovoltaic system with accumulation and to get on with the project I need this tool


to receive data you will need an arduino connect to RPI and it includes Node-red. i hope you are familiar with it How to use ClientID, Username, Password?


Check this out