How Connect Arduino Industrial 101 to Cayenne

you want to get back the data you have published or you want subscribe to actuator widget so that whenever you change the state you want to receive it on your device?

I want to recover the data I published.

to recover you can try and make a request to cayenne API How to access Cayenne API using Insomnia, Node-red and Thunkable but not sure whether this is an ideal use for your case.

Thanks for your help.
I gave up reading the data. At the moment, I am trying to solve the problems of the system.
When I have time, I will try your advice.
It was a pleasure to talk to you.

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to solve the stability problems, I bought a Siemens IOT2020 card. The card uses Arduino Galileo2 IDEs. I use Cayenne libraries. I had compilation errors.
Now I don’t know how to get my card to communicate with Cayenne. Can you help me?

this device is not supported by cayenne.