How to use cayenne with esp-12/esp8266 module


i would like to connect my Arduino uno with ESp12/ESp8266 wifi module. Please advice how to connect and start communicating with cayenne.


Hi @akshayagg009 and welcome to the Cayenne Community, we’re excited to have you here.

Until we have official ESP8266 support (which is on our product roadmap), we do have some of our Community leaders who have had success with integrating this module into Cayenne. See this post from kreggly, and entire thread that it’s in, too: Esp8266

Start with that and use myself and the rest of the community as a resource if you get stuck, we know it’s possible to get this running even without official platform support.


The ESP is currently working by overwriting the flash within the ESP using the Arduino IDE just like programming the Nano. No Nano required for most things.

I have not tried it, but it seems the Blynk libraries support using the ESP Lua firmware and a generic Arduino talking to it. This will probably require some tweaking around the Cayenne header files to get it compiling.

If you don’t specifically need the Nano, go with a lone ESP as Rob mentioned, there is a HowTo.





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Thank you for your kind reply and support. Actually i want to connect analog sensor to arduino uno and send data to dashboard using ESP12 wifi module. Please advice.


Do you have a spec sheet on the anolog sensor?


You can private message me through the forum by clicking on my name, then ‘Message’.


lm35 temperature sensor.


You are in luck. You can read this sensor standalone with the ESP. Connect it to the ADC pin on the ESP and do an analogous read to A0, scaling per the Arduino example sketch over 1024 steps.

Check out the HowTo and let is know of you run into a snag. Also check out the DHT11 sensors as they give you humidity as well as temperature.



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