#include "CayenneArduinoMQTTClient.h": The Cayenne website sends me a library that does not exist?


This is the first time I use Cayenne, when adding a displaywidget, the cayenne asks me to send a code with a library that is not inside the CayenneMQTT library. Where can I find this library and all the others necessary to not have more problems? thank you


Have you by any chance tried to use a python script? If it’s the case, you might want to try to launch your script using python3

i did not understand what is your issue. if it is the caynne MQTT library that you are looking for then you can install it directly from arduino ide by searching for cayenne MQTT or downloading it from https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino and adding it into arduino library directory.