IoT Geyser

About This Project


Cayenne IoT geyser (Hot Water tank in the USA) is a power saving device that will assist you to monitor and control your households hot water, even when you are away from home. It will allow you to switch your geyser on and off, schedule it to switch on/off at certain times, measure temperature of the geyser, set maximum save temperatures etc.

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Thanks for sharing the project.

Pretty cool project forsure! but i’ll simply make 2 observations for others…

  • AC mains cables should never enter junction boxes in this manner. Very dangerous. Use an approved cable assembly with strain relief connector and breakout individual conductors inside the JB.

  • When using solid state relays, they generate a substantial amount of heat. Enough to melt the plastic enclosure you used. Change that to a metal enclosure or provide mechanical ventilation to the junction box.

Edit: that is a chinese solid state relay… i would not put more than half its rated current. The triac is guaranteed not to be rated as high as the cover suggests