Modbus rtu & PLC comunications

Hello to all,
I would like to connect to the home plc (domotics) via Modbus-rtu communication to the rasp PI3B and read the values from it, to transform them into events to integrate into the cayenne interface.

it’s possible?

Do you have any existing code that works?

I do not have a code that works on raspberry, but I can tell the PLC with the arduino.

So I think I’ll put the arduino as an interface between the PLC and the raspberry.

Only the arduino has only 25 virtual i / o, here i think i will put 3 o 4 in the same network to satisfy my needs.

With the home PLC I can really do many functions.

Cool, sounds like you have a plan on what you want to do and how to do it. You can use the MQTT API to achieve this. I have an example here on using a python script to send values back and forth to Cayenne. Just substitute out the bits where I read the DHT11/22 sensor with your modbus commands for your Arduino. If you need any help just post your code and I’ll make some suggestions.