MQTT QoS level and Packet Analysis with Wireshark


Dear all developer,

i’d like to analyze the QoS of MQTT protocol using using Cayenne MQTT Phyton to measure the delay and packet loss over diffrerent QoS level from publisher to subscriber (end-to-end transmission) and the packet is analyze using wireshark. is there any code for it test? code for subscribe the message? and how to manipulate the payload size that sending to the Cayenne broker?
thank you very much for your help.



You can get sample code from the docs here.


from it code, how to set the QoS level on the script? i think it code is default on QoS level 0. i’d like to set the QoS level 1 and 2 on the script.
how to setting size of payload ? if I add more sensor, the payload will increase?
my project is make a smart truck that can limit the load, but i’d like to analyze the MQTT Protocol performance according to the Payload size and QoS level and i’d like to use Cayenne Broker for my project, because Cayenne in my experience was great and powerful.