MQTTLens lost comm after publish

Dear Cayenne,

I try to figure out how cayenne works in MQTT communication. So i look for MQTT API page. Before doing “coding” i tried to check MQTT API using MQTT lens. Everything was OK, client can connected but somehow every time i publish as API manual, it lost communication.

Here i tried publish topic “v1/my-username-123/things/my-client-id-1234/sys/model” and put “Wemos Mini D1” as value.

Can you help me what’s going on? Either i try another, connection always lost.

FDL - Bandung

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HI, I am trying to test manual connection of cayenne in MQTTlens but it was unsuccesfully. How is your experience about that, please help me.

i have not tried MQTTlens but for MQTT.fx docs have a look at this Cayenne Docs