New widget... 32 bit analize

I would like to ask you for a hint how to create your own widget?
Are there specific examples that can easily be attached to your dashboard?

specifically, I mean such a widget:

  • I send a 32 bit number from the device along with a time stamp.
  • the widget on my dashboard would show this number as 32 bit positions (0/1) in a form such as the logic analyzer application shows (eg salea)

that is, they transmit a 32-bit number from the device on one channel I have pictured the state of 32 states on one channel cayenne …

this can not be done.

all in all, it’s simple, only the creators of the system can quickly do it … worse for someone outside of cayenne …

@eptak tagging for this.

This is currently not supported neither in plans.
You can split your 32 bits number into 32 channels and send Digital Sensor value (0/1).

It is of course possible to divide my 32 bit bit on the device side into bits 0/1.
But this will increase network traffic …

this is to help me monitor the control box, where each event (running) of the circuit is to be recorded the time stamp of the occurrence of the event. Then, on the Cayenne side, I would like to show these events in a form similar to a graph but square, just like a logic analyzer does.

The suggested value type in the MQTT message is:
value: $00000000 (unsigned long)
timestamp: $00123333 (unsigned long) time of event occurrence on the device
timetick: $0000 (16 bit unsigned) ticktime (if the event has occurred 3 times per second)

I would be very grateful for the introduction of such a widget … Unfortunately, I am not a professional;) web programmer and therefore I am looking for such functionalities in external data presentation systems. I can only add that if there was such a functionality that I mention above, it would open up many new industries for the Cayenne system.

You can send all 32 values at once with MQTT:

Topic format: v1/USERNAME/things/THING_ID/data/json

Payload Format:

    {"channel":3,"type": "digital_sensor","unit":"d","value":0,"name":"Digital Input 2"},
    {"channel":27,"type": "rssi","unit":"dbm","value":12,"name":"GSM Signal Strength"},
    {"channel":6,"type": "temp","unit":"c","value":31,"name":"Modem Temperature"},
    {"channel":29,"type": "voltage","unit":"v","value":12.193,"name":"Power Supply Voltage mV"}

Oh I see
in one package, more channels can be sent.

now it would be useful to give timestamp and tickstamp, and I would be satisfied. :slight_smile:
Because for the presentation on the timeline I would write applications in c # who would download event histories and present them in the form of a graphical event.

I also hope they can get the timestamp feature added sooner than later.

I have high hopes that it will happen sooner than later.
it can happen again but again:

  • events are recorded on the device - value changes.
  • each change in value has the time recorded when it occurred
  • then the device if it has an internet connection to its queue cyclically sends recorded values and timestamp
  • if the device loses access to the internet (there may be many reasons), it still records the value change event … after receiving the connection, it sends the changes in the value from the buffer …

we will take into consideration the above points.

In order not to make a big revolution and not to update cayenne clients, it is suggested that the server / broker register two additional variables in the channel value definition. If we do not give these values, then everything behaves as before. Only in the SQL database will you have to disable the timestamp machine for this column, and timestam broadcast in the server script.

and I have a question, if these additional functionalities that I suggested you implement, will you inform here in this post?
I do not hide that I am waiting for :slight_smile: timestamp …

we will notify you.

I’m waiting politely … and when can you expect this timestamp (from device)?

sorry but can not give an ETA. many task are in line waiting to be completed first.

Hello, I would like to remind…

What are the advances in working on my ideas?


@xbary we just had a web update on wednesday and team is busy with it. So we are not adding any new feature till we have all previous issue fixed. Once we have a very stable platform, we will to added new feature one by one.

Hi @xbary, Thanks for your ideas, we have taken them into consideration.

Like @shramik_salgaonkar said, we just launched a big major back-end update this week that we have been working for a few months, and we have another 2 coming before year end, plus a couple of features in the works.

Next year, we will be more focus on adding lots of features, including the ones suggested. There is a lot we have planned, but time is not our friend at the moment. I appreciate your suggestions. Keep them coming!!!