Node-red to Cayenne


I succeeded in connecting node-red to the thingsnetwork thanks to this manual:

Messages are send and received both ways

Next step is I want my ttn data to be send to a platform like Cayenne. I found a red-node app which acts as a mqtt client to cayenne:

I can’t find any docs about how to use it in node-red. There are three kinds of nodes:

  • cayenne actuator
  • cayenne actuator feedback
  • cayenne sensor
    I fiddled around and get some progress with ‘cayenne sensor’. I connected it like so:
    ttn-message -> cayenne-sensor
    …-> msg.payload
    I edited cayenne-sensor with all the right details I found on cayenne api page on my account with cayenne. Both nodes (ttn and cayenne-sensor) now show up in node-red as ‘connected’. But in Cayenne api I see consistently ‘waiting for board to connect’. The debug output is 1. the expected output from ttn-device 2. output from cayenne-sensor: “msg: string[18] Invalid value type”

What I probably miss is that I don’t know what value to use for ‘QoS’ and ‘Channel’. I tried a few things, but no succes sofar.

If anyone can help me on that would be great.



I haven’t tried the node that was created for Cayenne, but I can tell you that I have connected using node-red manually using the built in MQTT nodes and it works fine. See my post here