Cayenne to node-red mqtt server issues

Hey All,

I’m running a node-red flow with some cayenne input modules. They worked perfectly fine yesterday but they keep disconnecting today and they don’t let any messages through, they show “connected” occasionally but not for long.
Could this be a server issue?


Hello, maybe it could be. Can you report now what is the state ?

Hi, yes it’s working 100 % now. Do you know how stable the Cayenne servers are, how often do you think I will encounter this?

Actually, it does still disconnect quite often but it did work now for a minute.
Is it supposed to always show that it’s connected like in the picture or only when the Cayenne app is open?

I cannot answer you, but I encourage problems only when the developer team announce a server maintenance. Maybe they can answer to your question and give you some advises.

What version of node-red are you using? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the blue MQTT nodes and I’ve been using it for about 2 years now. As for stability of MQTT it should be absolutely fine. I’ve been uploading temp/humidity to MQTT for months now and have had no issues.

I experience the same symptoms but it does not last more than a minute or to get reconnected . also the times shown in the bottom left. the nodes a extra addition cayenne to mqtt nodes.

I’m on v 0.15.3.
What nodes are you using to connect with Cayenne if they are not blue?

and I’m using this node:
node-red-contrib-cayenne-mqtt-client v 0.0.2

I’m on version 0.16.2 and I’m using the standard MQTT nodes. The Cayenne nodes in NPM are user submitted (or at least were, @rsiegel do you know if there was an official node released?) so I can’t speak to how reliable they are. Here is a post explaining how to use the standard MQTT nodes.

I’m not aware of any official work done on our side to support Cayenne + Node-Red so I’d assume anything on their site is user-submitted at this point. It looks like an interesting tool that I need to spent some free time with when I have it!