Nodemcu : Cayenne.Begin causing "WDT reset"


I try to upload any sketch from arduino IDE (v1.6.12) to some ESP8266-12E based devices (Node MCU Lolin V3, several tested, Witty cloud, …)
with any versions of Cayenne Initialisation sketch or other Cayenne related NodeMCU project (as found or either stripped to the bone + of course with due token, ssid and pwd credential ) and this makes my ESP to crash at setup instruction “Cayenne.begin(token, ssid, pwd);”

reboot when triggering “Watchdog Timer” with RST cause 4

Any clue where i migth have it wrong ?
Any chance Cayenne release the “First visit page” with an ESP8266 Hardware device Option ?


I’ve read several people having difficulties using NodeMCU.
I have had no difficulties using ArduinoIDE flashing the Esp12-e, using this code:

#include "CayenneDefines.h"
#include "BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h"
#include "CayenneWiFiClient.h"

char token[] = "qrp6a2rr3e";
char ssid[] = "FBI Wiretap";
char password[] = "insanefun";

void setup()
  Cayenne.begin(token, ssid, password);

void loop()

-be sure to correctly load the Cayenne library into the Arduino IDE, AND
be sure to correctly download AND install the ESP8266 library.

i’m assuming you know the correct way to boot the ESP in FLASH mode-


As far as your question about the first visit page, we do have plans for official ESP8266 support in the near future, which we’ll likely launch as a Beta first. So soon you’ll be able to add this device without jumping through as many hoops/forum posts as users are at the moment.

If you’d like to be part of that beta program (or anyone else reading this), please send me a PM so I can add you to the list – we would contact you at the time of a future beta release and not for any other reason.


Many, many Thanks to you, sir, Now it works,
look like missing the line : #include “BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h” was a problem ! (can you imagine ?) I do not know what this one is doing anyway,

Now it works almost as i want

(i still struggle to have several widgets hooked to the same “virtual pin” (like value numeric display + graphic + gauge…
doing it by creating mutiple VP returning the same vaule, … what a waste of data exchange!

in case you might to comment my awfull coding, please be welcome !