Offline working

Hello Community !

I have all time another question ! ^^

I wan’t to know if it’s possible to have offline version of cayenne… Maybe buy it ?
I have verry bad internet on my house and i think is strange to work with so far serveur, and when internet is down i can’t do nothing…

Hello @adrien.testas and Welcome to the Cayenne Community. This question is quite interesting and was asked a lot. As we know up to this moment is that there is an idea for adding this kind of functionality but I don’t know when we can expect it.

Stay tuned and open frequently the community and for sure you will be one of the first that will know about this feature :slight_smile:

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So it’s verry good !

Just for little storry, i have serious illness, and i have lot of time to spend with raspberry and other thing like this that why all time i’m affraid if cayenne stop work, or don’t go more to this way ! ^^
I think it’s verry good hardware, and i don’t no why there is so little people work with…
You have to add more fonction, more thing, and i don’t know what again but it’s very good project !

I don’t know how cayenne, or you or other work, but if you need help i’m here (:slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot

I am tagging @bestes so he can give you more information about the Community and the product itself :slight_smile:

Hi @adrien.testas,

Yes, ability for Cayenne to work offline has been asked many times. It is a large project and maybe something we will look in to sometime 2018.



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So what happened? Can we use this off line somehow? The lag time is obnoxious with my poor internet connection.

not yet but you can try this workaround where it look the offline code on disconnect, but then you will have to figure a way to get it back online.How can i end the {cayenne.loop()} if there is no connection? - #5 by ahmed.blacky.xaver3

That’s great info! I’ll try that. But, I’m sorry to say I’m so new to Cayenne I don’t know where to go to put the new lines of code in. What was given in the link didn’t look like Python.

are you using cayenne Python library. then the code handles it. it checks for connection and exits the loop.