Offline working


Hello Community !

I have all time another question ! ^^

I wan’t to know if it’s possible to have offline version of cayenne… Maybe buy it ?
I have verry bad internet on my house and i think is strange to work with so far serveur, and when internet is down i can’t do nothing…


Hello @adrien.testas and Welcome to the Cayenne Community. This question is quite interesting and was asked a lot. As we know up to this moment is that there is an idea for adding this kind of functionality but I don’t know when we can expect it.

Stay tuned and open frequently the community and for sure you will be one of the first that will know about this feature :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


So it’s verry good !

Just for little storry, i have serious illness, and i have lot of time to spend with raspberry and other thing like this that why all time i’m affraid if cayenne stop work, or don’t go more to this way ! ^^
I think it’s verry good hardware, and i don’t no why there is so little people work with…
You have to add more fonction, more thing, and i don’t know what again but it’s very good project !

I don’t know how cayenne, or you or other work, but if you need help i’m here (:slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot


I am tagging @bestes so he can give you more information about the Community and the product itself :slight_smile:


Hi @adrien.testas,

Yes, ability for Cayenne to work offline has been asked many times. It is a large project and maybe something we will look in to sometime 2018.