Peristaltic pump

Hey fellow cayenner’s I’m brand new to this site and am loving it so far. although its only been a couple of days im quickly seeing how this could be a game changer. I’m a hydroponic / home automation hobbiest.

My current project I REALLY need YOUR help with is I want to hook up three peristaltic pumps to be controlled on and off. There will need to be a slider to adjust the speed of the pumps (or some other way to measure the liquid from the pumps) say I need 50ml in a perfect world i could type in 50 and it doses 50ml’s. I dont know how you’d go about hooking this up from my raspberry Pi or what parts of it are possible. I could use nodemcu or arduino mega if need be as i have those too.

I would then like to add an ezo ph circuit to use the ifttt logic to dose ph up or down from another 2 peristaltic pumps.

Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions! I’m all ears.

Well, I would prefer nodemcu or Arduino mega for this project. The way to go about is, this is purely try and error method. Find out how much your pump dispenses liquid for 1 sec or preferred time interval. Once you have an average dispense liquid for that time, you can get the required value from a slider on the cayenne dashboard and multiple it.

Thank you for your response!

From my mosfet (WeiMeet RFP30N06LE 30A 60V N-Channel Power Mosfet TO-220 ESD Rated for Arduino(10 Pieces) would I hook up to one of the pwm inputs with this? I’m sorry I’m very new. Anyway you could tell me how you would hook it up? (What wires where?) I’ve looked all over the internet and seen so many different ways I don’t know what would be best for cayennes interface.

First, try any one and get it working. then we can move to cayenne.

That’s a good idea

@shramik_salgaonkar I got the peristaltic pumps hooked up using pca9685 and a mosfet. (Eventually I want several more and to control fan speeds and nutrient dosing) I got everything setup to the point I can use the slider to adjust the speed of the peristaltic pump but I don’t know how to add an on off button.

Ideally I’d like to use it with a slider in “x” position and then have a button to turn the pump on for say 15 seconds. How would you recommend going about that my friend?

you added a slider on the cayenne dashboard and are able to control it?

Yes it is adjusting speed with the slider but it just keeps pumping (running) even at a 0 value.

can you share the code you are using.

don’t have any code. I just hooked them up to the pca9685 and used the channel 0 because the pca was recognized by cayenne so I could use the slider.

Do you have nodemcu?

yes I do. What do you suggest?

use this code to connect the nodemcu to cayenne and control the pump.