Pi Browser (Epiphany) currently is not "officially" Supported by Cayenne

1. What OS? (Wheezy or Jessie)

Jessie full 8.0

2. What class/size SD card? (ex. class 10 16gb)

8gb U1

3. What Model Pi? (A+, A, B+, B, Pi2)


4. Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

This is a known bug that @bestes asked me to bring up again for further discussion with the group. It has to do with dashboard incompatibility with Epiphany as it relates to running Cayenne in a classroom. The gist of it is- if the RPi is the only device available shouldn’t you be able to use Cayenne’s dashboard?

Hardware- RPi2b
SD- 8gb U1
OS- Raspian Jessie 8.0 (2016-02-09-raspbian-jessie.img)
Browser- Web 3.8.2 (epiphany)

Also, the widget setup menu can’t be opened.

I would like to additionally add, this appears to only occur on Jessie.
When I tested with Wheezy, the functionality appeared to work, even though Wheezy is also running 3.8.2 Poweed by WebKit 2.4.1.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll load up a card with the squeeky penguin and give it a go, great test.


Thanks for posting this!

To the Cayenne Community:
At this time, we don’t “officially” support Epiphany. We’ve noticed that it can have a hard time loading some of the fancy interface that Cayenne has. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Any ideas of when a version of the interface will be usable on Epiphany, the default Raspian browser
The other 4 are kind of useless to use on a RaspberryPI.

Maybe it’s something to bring up in the RaspberryPI forums ?

Well, you are actually able to use Cayenne on the Epiphany web browser right now. As Ian mentioned, there are some issues with the user interface.

To be honest, we didn’t foresee that users would be using, or want to use, Epiphany to interact with the Pi. Hence we did not dedicate any resoures to support it. Now that it has been brought up by the community, I can certainly see the value of supporting Epiphany.

Why would you not want to use the interface on the Pi? Maybe you come at the Pi from a different angle, just a thing to attach sensors to.

The kids in an educational sense use them as the computer. But also attach sensors and interface with it, what’s lacking at the moment is a nice, easy way to interface with the sensors, play with them and log and have a pretty usable display. The interfacing is not hard, most sensors are written for and Raspberry/Raspian are doing a good job of simplifying everything. It’s just the other half that’s still mainly in text and csv files.

So to me testing right there on the device is just common sense, you don’t have to move out the chair :wink:

(first and foremost the RaspberryPI is an educational tool, that is the foundations goal and why it came about and their push, it’s the community using it for everything else)

also many IoT setups (I assume and following many projects) would use the Pi as a way to display a GUI for the interface and hence fire up a browser and show allsorts if they could program it.
A current craze is doing it with mirrors (well a monitor via HDMI as normal but made to look cool), and of course a screen attached directly to it (current official 7" touch are quite nice) and of course a normal monitor and mouse etc.
So it could just be stuck on a wall for quick monitoring locally.
Cayenne I assume would still go via the cloud unless you can build in local monitoring bypassing the cloud ?

It might well be something to have a chat with the Epithany maintainer see if they can do anything to implement features, I know the older Pi’s lack power for the browser.

(I say this and I’ve not had chance to play yet. But it has the potential to be just what I was looking for educational and home plans :slight_smile: so thinking ahead and sorry for the ramblings…

It is doable, just a little clumsy. I did this walk through with exactly what is being discussed here in mind.

I’m at work now so it’ll be a bit before I can share some of my other thoughts.

Love the discussion!


Does any Browser work? Would be nice to be able to create some node-red applications…

You are talking about a browser running on the Pi?

Pi has been improving their Epiphany browser, and as they do, Cayenne works better and better on Epiphany. I think there are just some small UI issues with Epiphany, not major functionality blockers. I have not checked in some time though.


Rat every time I try to load any browser it just dies while in the Remote Access mode in Cayenne.