i am happy using cayenne also i am having issues with how to connect virtual pin; does cayenne support digital pins and if yes? how to i configure the digital pins from the library… also i gonna be using cayenne for the google hash code. so i will love suggestion . Thank you Cayenne. Nigeria

Cayenne does support digital pins as well. What sort of device are you trying to connect?

arduino and also i am trying to get the readings of a thermistor

So a Thermistor is an analog sensor, so you’d want to use one of the Arduino’s analog pins rather than a digital pin.

Have you tried out Cayenne thermistor example sketch file yet? It does use a virtual pin but the purpose of it is simply so we can convert the value read by the sensor to a reasonable temperature. I can certainly help you get it up and running if you’re having any issue.

If you want to read the raw value of the Analog pin, you shouldn’t need any sketch file at all – just create a thermistor widget or a Generic Analog Input widget and point it to the Analog pin your thermistor is wired to.