Pool Pressure Monitoring

I have started to build a project inspired by @dombold74 https://myhydropi.com. I have Cayenne turning on/off my pool pump, pool light, pool heater and sensing temperature for Air, Pool Water and Pool Heater output water temp. My next phase i would like to monitor the pool pump pressure to determine if there is a problem and send notifications or trigger events based on it.

Does anyone have experience with the ADS1115 16-Bit ADC and a pressure transducer such as this: https://www.amazon.com/Eyourlife-Universal-Pressure-Transducer-Solenoid/dp/B00RCPDE40

Can i use Cayenne to interface with these items? What is my best approach?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?



Seeing a similar question here from @diogenis http://community.mydevices.com/t/problems-connecting-to-my-ads1115-adc/2083?u=walters

Are you already using Cayenne for everything you mentioned, or are you trying to just get values from the ADS1115? If you do have everything else hooked up are you using the Cayenne Agent or the MQTT API?

I am using Cayenne for everything. I have not looked at MQTT for anything at this point.

It’s easy enough to your dashboard assuming you have your wiring figured out already. Click Add New>Device/Widget>Extensions>Analog Converter.

When you add the analog converter how do you add the connected device? Does
it detect the pressure guage?

It will just read the value of the pressure gauge. After you add the extension add a generic analog input and select the ADS as the extension and the channel you hooked up to and it will display whatever value that channel reads.

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Let us know when you are done with your project by posting it to the Projects Made with Cayenne category :slight_smile:


I have a similar project in mind. Would you mind sharing how you wired the Transducer solenoid to the ADS1115 and to the Raspberry Pi?

can you provide any link to this device?

it has three pins VCC GND and output. you can connect the output to ADS1115. Also you will require a level shifter as the pi is not 5v tolerant.