Publish data not changing state of devices

Hi , I’m trying to change the state of a device ( relay=channel 8 ) with a python call .
The call is fine , I got the 200 answer , and I see the my data coming in live.
I can share my code , , The code is working fine , I can publish data , but the device did’nt change it state.

Any clue or an other way to control the device ??

Fonction to pubish data:
def publish_data(mqtt_token):
device_id = raw_input("Enter your Device_ID: ")
URL = ‘‘+device_id+’/data
channel = int(raw_input("Enter channel: "))
value = int(raw_input("Enter value: "))
unit = raw_input("Enter unit: ")
type = raw_input("Enter type: ")
basic = 'Basic '+mqtt_token
headers= {‘authorization’: basic,
‘content-type’: ‘application/json’}
data = [{‘value’: value,
‘channel’: channel,
‘unit’: unit,
‘type’ : type
response =, json=data, headers=headers)

the Cayenne API is not longer going to be supported. We are encouraging users to use the IoT in a Box dashboard instead which is our commercial product. IoT in a Box have similar Cayenne device integration.
You can find more information here: Work with Us - myDevices

Hi Shramik,
The link isn’t right.

should be now.

So you are shutting down the free service?

Do you have a schedule for that?

There is no fixed date but will be done in coming months.

Hi Shramik,
Is the myDevices platform economically feasible for us hobbyists? I don’t see any pricing on the site.

For hobbyist cayenne is pretty much enough for all your project.

From the above postings I misunderstood that Cayenne was being shutdown. Glad to hear it isn’t going away. Cayenne is still my favorite platform.

cayenne is not going to shutdown, but will limit the feature to only some but for more advance feature you need to get the commercial platform