Questions (Part 3) for MyDevices Community / Cayenne developers

Hi, I’m working on writing How-To Articles. Here’s part 3 of my questions…

Application Development Questions:
Now, there is drag-drop ability for examples of individual sensors. Integration of multiple sensors requires user coding. I need to write detailed how-to for merging multiple devices in the Cayenne environment. What are your thoughts on this?

Arduino Libraries: I need to write How-To for added functions beyond the existing Cayenne examples. For example:

  • multiple DS18B20 sensors with known addresses and therefore predefined locations. (I’ve tested this with one known-address DS18B20).
  • Ultrasonic [NewPing library] Using ranges / averages / multiple sensors
  • etc.

How can a User enter values in Cayenne? We have Slider = value. How about numeric entry? Need some ‘enter’ or ‘execute’ so that intermediate values are not transmitted during data entry.

How about a Text Display Widget where user code can define the displayed characters? Or pick from 1,2,3,n predefined “messages”?
I have not been able to get email/SMS to work from a changing arduino digital input. How can I best test this?

Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

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good questions,

particularly about numeric entry.
for key code lock/unlock.

This post should also be in ideas/suggestions

This isn’t currently possible with Cayenne but if you set up an MQTT broker on the Arduino or Pi you can send messages then run through the payload and react to them. Just a suggestion for now.

Text widgets are coming are on the road map and should be coming soon.

If you go to the my triggers page does it say they have ran at all? If not we need to look at why it didn’t run. If it did and you didn’t get a notification we need to look there.