Raspberry pi3 installation

Hello, I have problem with setting up my friends raspberry to cayenne. I’m getting to step 4 in the installation, the pi is rebooting after the step 4 but the Pi is not showing up at the Website or Android app, i’m just getting “No devices added, + Add” what can possibly going wrong?? Do i need to do portforward at the Router?
I’m using Raspberry pi 3.
8gb sandisk class10
Raspbian is Updated and upgraded
Connected with Ethernet cable

here is the screenshot where im getting stuck.

(Edit i have connected the same Pi to cayyene before, like 2 months ago, and I was able to see the Pi after step 4 in the installation in the website and android App but it was offline all the time, even if I had it connected to internet… ??)

Hi @vladislav, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

The Cayenne Pi agent does require that port 8181 is open so it can communicate with our server. Since the Pi is rebooting (the last step of installation), I assume it has installed OK without error, and if you otherwise have internet connection this is likely the issue.