Rate Limits Question

Hi @paulminize,

Yes, if you have 1 device with 10 virtualWrites you can call the virtualWrites every 10 seconds.

If you have 5 devices with 10 virtualWrites on one user account you can also call them every 10 seconds. When it refers to “50 connections” it is referring to disconnecting/reconnecting, so if a device gets into some error loop where it is constantly disconnecting/reconnecting it will eventually be blocked for that 10 minute period. But 5 devices making a single connection each should not be a problem.

For more info about making sure your code is sending messages under the rate limit you can check this topic: Sending MQTT messages within rate limits

And I agree that help file entry referencing IPs is a little confusing. We may need to update that to be a bit more clear.

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