Any possibility of sending more messages using MQTT

I want to use Cayenne for Major project and the speed is very less. Please help. Im using some sensors and switches

What is the speed you are trying to do?


Is there any option to use old cayenee ie without the MQTT and using old ClientID

I dont have an idea abt speed. But even the button takes 1 second to turn on and if i use two buttons simultaneously, Arduino goes offline

No there is not. We will support current devices that are using that for a certain time, but all new devices must use mqtt.

It could be your internet connection for the 1 second slowness. From my side, the button is almost instantaneous.

If i change the yeild rate to 1000 ms will i get banned

Any way to check my rate of trasfer

If im sending data every 10 seconds the dashboard changes very slow. Please help. My project needs to be the best.