Relay on for x minutes every x hours

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I am a little bit confused here, how do I setup a simple interval sequence for a relay? I was able to install Cayenne, setup the Pi and configure the relay without issue, but I cannot seem to find the settings in Schedules to let me create intervals. Is there such feature?

How do I trigger things on and off in Cayenne in short intervals.

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I cannot seem to find any thread on the forum where people have setup short interval relay timing. Did I install the wrong software? Can Cayenne be use for hydroponic grow box? Opening a valve for 5 seconds every time the pH change bellow x, etc.

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you have installed the correct software and we do not support timed interval at the moment.

yes you can use cayenne to control the water and monitor the soil moisture.

For this case, you will have to use the cayenne python library and have a timmed interval in the code. GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API

Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

I am looking for a out-of-the box solution where my employees will be able to edit the settings without having to code. A web user interface with no-coding required. Having to edit a python library to change the interval is not possible for us sadly.

Is there any plan in the short term to support timed interval? โ€œturn on for x unitโ€?

Thank you in advance, I hope to be able to use Cayenne for our need. The UI is quite nice and been able to support out-of-the-box so many sensors is appreciated.


this feature has been requested by many users and has been decided to add it to cayenne but it wont be done any time soon.

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I cant quit remember since its been over a year but I think I had mine run a python script/button that executes a script that ran the relay for like .03 of a second when pressed.

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