Sending MQTT sensor data using Quectel modem

using a ESP8266 WiFi device I can send temperature sensor data to my device, e.g. LOG
[60814] Publish: topic 1, channel 1, value 22.400, subkey c, key temp

when attempting to send temperature sensor data using a modem
modem command ‘AT+QMTOPEN=0,“”,1883’
response ‘OK’
modem command ‘AT+QMTCONN=0,“46xxxxxxxxxxx23d”,“8e9xxxxxxxxxxxxxx461”,“7dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe0”’
response ‘OK’
modem command ‘AT+QMTPUBEX=0,0,0,0,“1/pub”,170’
response ‘>’
“channel”: 1,
“value”: 16.4,
“type”: “temp”,
“unit”: “c”
‘+QMTPUBEX: 0,0,0’
‘+QMTSTAT: 0,1’

after the AT+QMTPUBEX command the device responds with > , comes online for a few seconds then goes offline after it receives the v1/ username/things/clientID/data/json etc

the data sent in the json does not appear at the device

I assume I have something wrong with the v1/username/things/clientID/data/json format ?

i am not familler with this board. though

should be the publish topic v1/8e9xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx61/things/46xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx23d/data/json
followed by the data.

thanks! I can now send individual sensor data and json

I find when receiving an actuator value I only receive the value if I move the actuator while the modem connection is open, e.g. reading device 5 (a slider) value 26
modem command ‘AT+QMTSUB=0,1,“v1/8exxxxxx61/things/46zzzzzzz3d/cmd/5”,2’

‘+QMTSUB: 0,1,0,1’
‘+QMTRECV: 0,1,“v1/8exxxxxx461/things/46zzzzzzz23d/cmd/5”,18,“1D-----op,26”’

is there anyway to read the current actuator value, e.g. if the actuator has been changed since the last connection

you cant get the last actuator state from the dashboard.