Sensor trigger value only allowing a maximum value of 1


What if my trigger value is 300? does it make any sense to limit this to 1?

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Maybe it is a two-state switch:


No. It is a gauge, analog generic sensor.

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Oh! Sorry. Hope you found an answer though to your problem! :innocent:


This is a bug, we’re fixing this :slight_smile: I will update this thread when resolved.



This should be fixed now. Let us know otherwise :slight_smile:



@bestes Works! thanks a lot. Suggestion: take out the slider and put a text box that only takes integers (just thinking of cases where values might not be within the range allowed by the slider).

Keep up the good work. This is by far the most elegant solution of the sort.

ohh and remember that many of us use the DHT11 sensor :slight_smile: please bring support!


DHT11 can be used with Arduino. Plan is to provide native support for the Pi as well be integrating DHT11 driver. Keep you updated on that!



I am actually interested in using it on an Arduino. Can’t find DHT11 on the list of sensors to add to the dashboard. Hints?


Custom Widgets :slight_smile:

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Here’s how I did it:

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Looks like @bestes beat me to it haha. His solution is better than mine, so I would follow his instead.


thanks guys @ats1080s @bestes