Very simple DHT11 temperature sensor


About This Project

My first Cayenne project - just to get to grips with how everything works. Simple temperature sensor that sends an email notification if the room temperature is not suitable.

What’s Connected

Arduino Uno, W5100 ethernet shield, DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor, breadboard, jumper wires

Triggers & Alerts

One that triggers when the room temperature is below 59F, one triggers when above 72F. Both send emails to me.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


can you post code please? i cant get my DHT to work. Did you set integrated GPIO digital pin in cayenne while setting up custom widget?


I think code is available on cayyenne documentations


You can also search through this forum for DHT11 code. There are a couple different projects that use the DHT11. :slight_smile:


yes i find some and used some but i cant figure out why my DHT22 dont working. I know its working by monitoring serial port but i dont know why it dont show temperature in cayenne. Thats why i asking :slight_smile:
What i did:

  1. connect DHT22 to +5/GND/DATA PIN8
  2. used DHT_Cay.txt code and modify port and DHT version in code - upload
  3. cayenne - add custom widget - value - set I/O digital pin8 - set data to temperature.
  4. done

what i do wrong?

(relay is working for example)


Did you put your own auth credentials into your sketch file?



finally i manage it to work but it was weird…in web app it show me 0 …but in mobile app correct number 22C…i had to switch Farenheit to celsius and vice versa to get it working… as bonus my BMP180 is showing correct in app but showing nothing in web app (browser). Its know bug?


how to set any trigger value like tem is greater than 24 then send email …like that

in trigger, only 0/1.No space for writing any custom values…
that on and off values are for which purpose???


If you re-create the sensor as an analog input (not digital) and chose a virtual pin you can select a range of values.


Thank you @adam sir…
I have done successfully by using email as a trigger alert.

not able to set-up for mobile…