Smoke detection

how can i add smoke sensor and gas sensor is it possible ???
my hardware is adruino mega

Hi @pilkar71,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Yes it’s possible, do you have a specific sensor in mind?


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Just like mq5 and mq4 sensor

LOW VOLTAGE Smokies and O2 sensors
generally have normally open and normally closed contacts-

You can wire these “dry” contacts
directly into a GPIO of a Pi, Arduino or ESp
provided that you use a 10K ohm pullup resistor.
When the alarm contacts close, they pull the GPIO voltage down to ground.

Note: NO home made fire detection stuff is UL approved ;).
So- don’t rely on Cayenne to satisfy building codes and fire inspections,
BUT as long as an approved relay is correctly installed,
I don’t think the Fire Marshal would object.
If my house was burning down and I was away,
I’d like to know…

On a 120 VAC 3-wire

INTER-TIED smokie system
(required in all new US households),
you need a Relay Module:

-The legal liability is extraordinary,
so you’d better know what you’re doing.

…or, you can get creative…

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