SonoffBoilerplate Blynk to Cayenne

Lately I was testing the tzapu code that integrates the wifimanager with Blynk. I would like to do an equal version but with Cayenne.

This is the code

For those who do not know Wifimanager, it is an incredible tool that creates an interface for the user to configure the wifi data.


What I was reading is that Cayenne is not as versatile as Blynk, but as Cayenne uses blynk libraries I imagine it can be done.
Anyone have ideas how to migrate that code to work with Cayenne?


I have Sonoff modules on Cayenne. I’ll eventually post a how to…

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For use wifimanager library you can modify this:

on Cayenne library.

I made some changes and I was successful! I could connect cayenne with that code.
I´ve made you can add the data (ssid and pass token) once the code is loaded
I’m going to make some more adjustments and I’ll upload it

Thanks 0lab!


Hi @cfieiras any place where I can find your upload, much appriciated.

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I’d try and get this working Tasmota/ at development · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub

Improvements have been made to free up program space so potentially the longer credentials will work now.

I’ll try and free up some time to test this weekend.



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