Step-by-step programming and how to plot data from a test measurement

Hi everybody

I’ve got a question about Cayenne because I’m kinda new to this all.
My goal for a school project is to remotely start a test measurement on a three fase alternator using some kind of web interface.
The details of the measurement aren’t important, it just consists of a few steps (for example: start the motor, raise some current, close a relais and so on).
When the measurement is complete, I should end up with a graph, plotting two variables in relation to each other.
I’ve got all the sensors, VFD’s etc. but my problem now is that I need a hardware platform to control this all.
I was thinking off using an Arduino Yun, combined with Cayenne to make a dashboard user interface so that users can follow in real-time what’s happening and also start the measurement, but I’m not quite sure if it’s feasable.
My main question is if it’s possible to program some kind of step-by-step program in Cayenne and also if I can plot the data, measured during the test, in a custom graph.
Can anybody help me out, even just for al little bit?
If there’s any questions, or if my explanation is not clear at all, let me know!

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You can use Arduino Yun to connect to cayenne. But are you able to connect the Arduino Yun to three-phase alternator to get the required info?

Connecting the Yun and getting the information shouldn’t be a problem!

then sending the collected data should not be a problem as well.
Use this code for arduino yun to send data to cayenne
Have a look at this topic on how to send data with correct data types Data types for Cayenne MQTT API

Allright, but do you think it’s possible to start the test measurement using a button on the user interface dashboard?
If I’m not clear, let me know!
(Thanks for your time btw!)

yes. you can start with it.

Okay, I’ll get back to you if I’m stuck.
Thanks for the help!

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