Supported data types and units


I have found multiple documents describing the MQTT data types and units:

Many of the types listed in these documents don’t work. Where is the most up to date list of MQTT data types?

The tables show some units, but not all. How do I use other units? For example, reporting distance in feet, or volume in gallons?


this is the most up to date list and supported MQTT data types.


That table shows “liquid” as a possible type. I use the following MQTT message:


This shows up as a generic widget, no units, no icon. Is that the expected “liquid” widget, or is there something that might look more appropriate? I don’t see any liquid icons in the selection list.

How would I show liquid levels in gallons instead of liters?


I was able to reproduce your error. it shows up as a generic widget but mine had units(try refreshing your browser after adding the widget).

better is use tank level widget.


The units were shown, just a single “l” so I didn’t notice it. The tank level works as a percentage and doesn’t have any way to show gallons. In general I don’t see any way to use any other units other than the few listed in the table.