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Howdy all?

I am new to Cayenne. So I am discovering things as I go along. Having said that, I got extremely frustrated with the “Timer” class that has the member “update()”. This library is supposed to speed up the incoming data from my ESP board. However I have not had any success in compiling simple code with this library. I did include it with my sketch. The problem is that I get errors along the lines of “Timer has no member named update()”. I checked the header and source files. The update() member function is definitely there.
If I were to venture a guess, Arduino IDE includes another Timer library that is clashing with this one.
Anybody has a clue as to how to deal with this annoying issue?
I was also wondering if someone knew how to get data from an ESP board at a faster rate than normal. I used a simple button that I am pushing and it takes several seconds before a widget shows the change in its state. Anybody cares to help with this issue?



The problem is that the new MQTT lib has an internal Timer class so if you want to use the Timer library, you need to hack it.

Thus I have a library called Timerr and I include timerr.h, read ‘more timery’. You need to go through the library with a proper text editor like Notepad++ and change all references to Timer to Timerr then change the file names too.



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I did exactly that and I got errors.
I will keep at it until I figure it out.