Trigers if till

with triggers I when one thing is triggered it does something till something else is trigered

this can achieved by programming your device. what are you trying to do?

I am making pool controls and I want when the low level water float is off it turns on value till high is on

i dint get you. what sensors are you using?

its just a switch

its called a float sensor when theres water or no water its on or off

so all I need is to when switch is off it turns relay on till second switch is active

you have float sensor . when it is OFF you want to turn on relay till it becomes ON?. Do you have any link on how to connect it with arduino?

no I’m using raspberry pi all it is a button so think of it as when button is pressed its on but I want it to trigger something to when its off it opens a value with a relay and keeps open till second switch is triggered

all it does is when water lvl is to a lvl it is on

i would suggest using a arduino in case of raspberry pi for your case as it give more control.
you have 2 button ( float sensor)

if (button1 == HIGH && button2 == LOW)
//turn on relay
//turn off the relay

well that’s no help but thanks any way theres a reason I use raspberry pi

can i know the reason you are using Pi so i can suggest someway to get what you are trying.