Trigger emails not arriving

well, not all user are capable of doing it.

I agree with you but at least some users can get rid of emails generated by faulty triggers. I had added my raspberry pi as “bring your own things” months ago and sent some data to my cayenne dashboard and created a trigger/notification for temperature and humidity. I never used that raspberry pi again since then and it is still sitting somewhere in my draw.

Now let me tell you what is strange here? Just 1 hour ago I started getting emails that temperature and humidity are out of range. Seriously? I never turned on my pi since then. On checking it appeared that mysteriously my dashboard has received some data in the last hour (which I didn’t send) and it really knocked the wind out of me. What you reckon? …Ghost … joke aside but its really scary or do I believe cayenne trigger/server is in serious trouble?

can you send me your email_id, i will investigate on this issue as there is absolute minimum chance of this happening.