U-blox Sara N211 (NB-Iot) to Cayenne



I’m trying to use the NB-IoT chip from u-blox with the Cayenne Library. Is there someone who did something like that? The chip supports UDP messaging, but not TCP. Is this possible?

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Sorry, I don’t think it will work. I believe all the connection methods use TCP, is that right @rsiegel @bestes?


Oke, thanks for you answer. MQTT-SN is not an option then. Are there somewhere examples how the payload string is build up?


Sure, the docs page is over here https://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/cayenne-mqtt-api/#cayenne-mqtt-api-manually-publishing-subscribing


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@croczey @eptak First post I’ve seen for NB-IoT. Are you able to help at all?



Hi @MichaelW

Currently the best way to use your NB-IoT enabled device is to pass the data through our MQTT broker.

The link @adam gave you is the correct documentation, however, I think what you are looking for is our payload / topic structure which can be found here: https://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/cayenne-mqtt-api/#cayenne-mqtt-api-mqtt-messaging-topics

This will show you exactly where to publish the data, and how to format the payload.

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Thanks for your replies, The documentation is really helpful. I’m working on it, if I need any help, I let you know!

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Hello @croczey ,

I already sent data to ip address: I used the pubsub client (https://github.com/knolleary/pubsubclient) and make a client class for the NB-IoT module. As far I can see now, I do not receive a message back when I sent the connect message.

Can this be because I can only send UDP messages?

Here you can see the payload for connect to socket:

[R]: 0,132
[R]: OK

For som extra informatie page 82 of the datasheet Datasheet Sara N211

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Indeed, we need to add MQTT-SN support to use with NB-IoT and LTE-M .