Un-connected , offline , reset

My deviece after few days go offline and stay in this state . After reset connect again and work good few days again…
How I can detect if is connected to server or not ??
If not connected then restart device itself by software.


What kind of device are you using, and how are you connecting it?

Sorry .
I use Arduino UNO R3 with WizNet5100 lan shield .
I just need to konw how to chceck if I’m connected to server or not … if not then restart device …


There are some functions that are called on connect and on disconnect. In the disconnect you can cause a WDT reset. See the 2 links below.

Thanks for help.
If want reset Arduino then need uncomment //BlynkOnDisconnected(); in BlynkProtocol.h then work function CAYENNE_DISCONNECTED() .
If this working then I reset MCU by watchdog … I use 120ms … now I will see in long time if it working or not …

thanks and best regards.

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