USB Serial not connecting (Error 10013)


Hi, newbie to Cayenne but not Arduino here. So I am trying to set up my Arduino UNO with a serial USB connection to a Windows 10 PC. Cayenne sketch uploaded fine from IDE but running the cayenne-ser.bat from the command line I am getting the following message:

OpenC0C("\.\COM4",baud=9600, data=9, parity=no, stop=1) - OK
Connect(): connect(“”,“8442”) Error Unknown error (10013)
Reconnecting in 3s …

So then it just endlessly retries every 3s.

Any suggestions?

Thanks - James


Hi @hoyland.jd, welcome to the Cayenne Community!

I’ve not seen that specific error myself but on Googling it appears 10013 is a generic Windows error that can be caused by Antivirus or Firewall software blocking a socket connection. My guess is something is blocking port 8442 on your PC or network

If you have either of these running it would be helpful to know which (even if just the built in Windows Defender/Firewall) and a good test would be temporarily disabling them to see if the behavior changes. If it’s firewall software, you should be able to resolve it by allowing traffic on that port.


Thanks @rsiegel, put in Port exception for 8442 and that worked fine - now I have other problems but I’ll make that a separate question :slight_smile:



Excellent, we’ll do our best to help. Feel free to make as many topics as you’d like.