Various sensors - only one alarm possible?

which float switch are you referring to? do you have any link to it. is it possible to connect it to the raspberry pi?

Hi shramik
This is it

have a look at this video
just replace it with the raspberry pi and connect it to 3.3.v in place of 5v. then you can just connect it as a digital button to cayenne.

Thanks once again shramik, that helps a lot

Shramik, in fact this is just what I need, perfect thanks so much. I guess, I can set this up now in cayenne , is that correct.

yes, you can step your entire project with cayenne.

Excellent, thanks for helping with that shramik👍

Hi, my first sensor has arrived, its a 3 pin DHT11 humidity and temprature sensor. so I looked on the forum and the Cayenne pages to see how to install it and found this


Jan '17

You’re right, the apps do not have support for mqtt yet. It’s coming.

So my question is, it would be fantastic if this has been done. If not does anyone know for a complete beginner like me the most simplest way of getting this into cayenne please.

Here is the working code for DHT

Hi Shramik

Thanks for the reply

Is this just a matter of cut and paste all that’s there ?

Or will I need an editor ?

Sorry about my lack of knowledge but it’s all new to me and in my case every little (knowledge) helps…a lot !

which device are you using? raspberry pi or arduino?

Raspberry pi !

there are two ways to go with.

  1. Cayenne Agent:- Use DHT plugin
  2. Cayenne Python library:- Combine DHT python with cayenne python library

With 1st option, you need minimum programming knowledge (as in how to add the plugin in the pi) but it has limited sensor plugins. with 2nd option, you need python programming knowledge but you can add any sensor to your pi.

Thanks again shramik, really good of you to help.
I’ll take a look tonight and hopefully we will be in luck , thanks

Just one quick question.

Do you know if I still need to use a 10k pull up resistor with this as it’s not mentioned here?

Does your sensor look like this with the small resistor on the left?

Not exactly but I’m sure it has resistors, it’s identical to this one
Hope you can see it

no need of resistor, connect VCC to 3.3v

Hey thanks that’s great and will try tonight, really appreciate it👍