Virtual LCD

I have a RPi project the I use to control my pool and pool heater via a Python script. I send the data to Cayenne via MQTT for remote monitoring from the web and my phone. I also have a 2 line LCD screen mounted on my project box that display items like pool temperature and heater status. What i would like to do is to also send the messages that i display on the LCD to Cayenne. Pool temperatures are no problem, it is the messages like “Heater On” or “Normal Temperature” that i would like to show or log within cayenne some how.

Any thoughts or ideas?



This feature is not available on cayenne.

Are you using the Pi agent or are you using a custom script? As Shramik said, it’s not supported but with a custom script you could do it.

Custom script. Python sending MQTT data to the dashboard.

Ok so in your script you can catch the commands and store them in a variable and then display on the screen. Are you using the Cayenne MQTT library or a generic one like Paho MQTT?

I am using the Cayenne MQTT library. What dashboard widget displays text?

Ah, I’m an idiot. I though you wanted things to display on the LCD. Sorry.

Hahaha, no problem.