Want to make water tank level indicator


I just found water tank Widget in the Cayenne. I was fascinated to see the animations of water filling up/down in tank. I would like to build one for my house water tank very soon. Can you help me @adam which sensor should I use to take the advantage to Cayenne water tank Widget ?


have a look at this Cayenne / HCSR04 / NODEMCU


Is there any other option for sensor apart from ultrasonic distance sensor ?


other option can be http://microcontrollerslab.com/water-level-sensor-interfacing-arduino/ but this sensor is small and not suitable for home tank. you can google to find any sensor and then we can help you interface with cayenne. as of now ultrasonic is best sensor for this.


A little research and I also found MPX5050. Is that a good option ?


you can give it a try https://circuits4you.com/2016/05/13/water-level-measurement-arduino/


i Like this liquid level mesurement , but i don’t understand something :

  • the mesure displayed in “Ltr” does it mean “Liters” ?
  • I think it’s more like centimeters or meters ? (Because nowhere he talk about tank dimensions)
    What do you think about this @shramiksalgaonkar ?


MPX5050 is a differential pressure transducer, which gives analog value from the difference between the water tank pressure and atmospheric pressure.
@SuperNinja have look at this https://github.com/practicalarduino/WaterTankDepthSensor/blob/master/WaterTankDepthSensor.pde


this one diplay from 0 to 100% , it’s more clear.