What humidity sensors does Cayenne suppor

I want to add a humidity sensor to my project but when I look at the documentation that lists the other
supported sensors (i.e temperature) I don’t see a section for humidity measurement. I have noticed that
there are comments in the Community section that reffer to humidity sensors so I am a bit confused. Since I have followed the site documentation regarding connecting other sensors to Cayenne and I am a new user, I
would prefer to following similar documentation for connecting a humidity sensor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure if you can add a humidity sensor using the predefined sensors cause they are not any listed as you found. I know the way others have added humidity to their projects is by using Virtual Pins. Those are generic data fields that you can send your data to and specify them as whatever you want. They are not as simple as adding a widget from the listed sensors because you need to have your code get the data, then send it to the dashboard virtual pin. That way you can take any data and display it.

For a example, if you have the CayenneMQTT library installed(which you should) and using Arduino IDE, go to examples->CayenneMQTT → Custom Widgets → value widget


Thanks for the response. I will certainly look into your suggestion using Virtual Pin, which I have not
previously been aware of, but it sounds interesting.

                          Thanks Again


no prob, ya I pretty much only use virtual pins because I rarely use something that is a widget in cayenne. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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