Will triggers work if wifi connection is lost?

I am building a temperature controlled beer fermentation fridge with a raspberry pi 2 and a 2 circuit relay and 1 wire temp sensors. My question is this: if my wifi goes down for some reason, will the relays and temp settings still function? I don’t want to lose a batch of beer to a down wifi connection.

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Hello Sir,
The answer is: No, they will not work since all the logic is stored on the Cayenne server.
We have disused a lot and the platform developers in near future will provide with some kind of installable software so if the Internet connection is lost, your functionalities still work.

I suggest to you for your project to just visualize the data with Cayenne. You can “hardcode” the logic directly in the device.

Hi there, I am testing the same set up, and want to hook it up tomorrow. Have you used your setup? I have the same concern with no internet connection it will not function. My connection is quite stable but i’d hate to see it loose connection and the fridge stay on or something.