With Arduino SLIDER do not work




I wanted to say
This is the one I’m doing. You edited it in another topic.


Yes we can !!

That’s great.
I have three actuators that can work on my desk at the same time.
Lighting button, HC-sr04 (distance), and servo motor.
Trigger works perfectly.
I did not manage to add thermistor. Maybe because there are two
analog outputs at the same time and a problem of deadlines?
Here is already the code that works (for those who like me have some difficulties)

I’m still down for the motion sensor!
I test and remind you if necessary.






(for those who like me have some difficulties)
(for those have some difficulties like me):rouler des yeux:


same problem, the slider widget doesn’t appear with the white dot, is there another solution?


@junior.galvan.angulo add a new device using Bring Your Own Device and then add a custom slider widget.


I have exactly the same issue,
Arduino mega + serial connection


And i cannot change the slider


I tried it (using Bring Your Own Device) and it works perfectly on my Cayenne dashboard. But with my Android App. I get the following message in a red box as soon as I move the slider : ‘Can not connect to remote device’.