Without Internet device reset


Im using esp32 with simple data post in cayenne server if wifi and internet connection file device working good. but wifi is connected internet are disconnecting esp reset contentiously in cayenne.loop function.
how to make without internet device work

serial debeug show like this
[24808] Disconnected
[24808] Connecting to mqtt.mydevices.com:1883
[E][WiFiGeneric.cpp:662] hostByName(): DNS Failed for mqtt.mydevices.com
[26577] Network connect failed
[26677] Connected
[26677] Publish: topic 4, channel 65534, value Arduino, subkey , key
[26677] Publish: topic 6, channel 65534, value XtensaLX6, subkey , key
[26680] Publish: topic 7, channel 65534, value 240000000, subkey , key
[26687] Publish: topic 5, channel 65534, value v1, subkey , key


it does not reset, but it waits in loop to get the internet connection back. we are looking on getting a fix for this issue.


can we set a time out function for that loop to exit


Have a look at this post How can i end the {cayenne.loop()} if there is no connection?