Arduino USB help


ok let me try thnx


got it
further have U any idea how to send ardino data to cyenne just by a code when ardino is used without laptop with esp8266 providing internet access


no…i don’t have this module or any wifi shield or arduino yun. thats why i am trying through serial communication. i ordered above mentioned stuff, when they will reach, i dnt know…soon will start work on that .


Arduino uno not commu

nicating with cayenne via usb


Run the script by typing “cayenne-ser.bat -c COM4” (where COM4 is port with your Arduino) and hitting Enter

The upper step mentioned is not working
please help


Welcome to Cayenne Kasliwal!

Can you copy/paste the output of the script? Any errors you are getting will help up figure out where the problem is and how to fix it.


Hie Adam,
Here’s the CMD window
Please suggest the solution


I also think the file is not opening maybe because it is in SH format


It looks like the file is supposed to be in your user folder not in the program files so it probably just can’t find the file you are trying to run. Another guess is that the cayenne library is not installed correctly. Here are instructions for installing:

Sketch --> Include library --> Library manager. In the Library Manager search Cayenne, and install the library.


This is almost certainly the Cayenne library not being installed, thus why the folder was missing in your initial command. That ‘WiFi’ library is unrelated to Cayenne and would not contain our USB Serial connection batch file.

Here is the output from my Windows machine once the library is installed:


now made the connections on bread board
arduino is online
but can’t enable to add sensor-stuck in the process of disabling and enabling connection scrpit

can not above ahead of this


1.After arduino is online
2.To use thermister sensor I want to upload the sketch file to arduino;to do so I typed “Ctrl+c and then y in command prompt” (to enable connection script.)
3.after successfully uploading the file the dashboard is showing your arduino is offline

Please suggest what I’m doing wrong
i also re enable the connection script by typing “cayenne-ser.bat -c COM15”


Please also suggest how to disable serial monitor in IDE


Hi again. Yeah when using that Serial USB connection sketch, it is necessary to first disable the running cayenne-ser.bat script (with Ctrl+C), then upload any new code via Arduino IDE, then re-enable that script. At that point the Arduino should connect and show online again. This is because the Serial USB connection blocks the serial port that the IDE would use to communicate with the Arduino device.

I don’t think you need to do anything special to disable the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE – at least I have never done this despite using that sketch all the time. Just make sure you don’t have any lines like

#define CAYENNE_PRINT Serial or Serial.begin(9600); in your sketch, and comment them out or remove them if you do.

If it’s still showing as offline and you’ve uploaded new code and restarted the cayenne-ser.bat sketch, perhaps the first things I’d check are are that COM15 is still the port the Arduino is connected to (you can verify this in the Tools menu of the Arduino IDE) and that your token still matches the dashboard entry that you’re looking at.

Perhaps you can share the output from the cayenne-ser.bat script if you’re still stuck trying to connect?


Thanks so much for help!
Now was able to connect the sensor and getting the readings on dashboard

For my project I want to send data to cloud at 500 samples/sec (500 Hz) and want to access real time data in graphical format so could you please suggest the solution.


Hi @kasliwal.mehul333,

I’m glad you got your project up and running. You can use a history graph widget to view data in a graphical format.




Can I use cayenne to send data to dashboard at 500 samples/sec (500 Hz)


Also want to enquire that there is no Cayenne MQTT example for serial usb connection
Please suggest the solution


please help me :!

why “COM8” not recognized?


You’re in powershell there, you want to open cmd

Arduino Serial USB Connection problem