ESP8266 Offline on Cayenne - OnLine in Serial monitor


Be patient and all be ok on ESP-01 with MQTT ! :smile:

BUT my device send data all 30secs and if i refresh Web dashboard it goes offline …

… waiting 30sec for new data upload…

… Offline desapear and data uploaded BUT the top of widget are cutted !


So far so good for me too.
Both web dashboard and Android dashboard seem much better.
I have one device pushing data approx. every 10 seconds and another 6 pushing data approx. once a minute. All online and updating the dashboards.


As far as the Android devices showing ‘Server Error’, I’m seeing that on my end too and don’t believe it is related to this fix – we’ll need to address that separately.

As far as the cut off widgets in the browser – that’s a new one for me. What OS/Browser is it? Does it replicate in any other browser?


Ok wait for futur fix :wink:

Today the problem has not reappeared. :thinking: + “Offline/Online” issue is fixed , BUT cayenne dashboard get difficult to upload data this morning on CHROME v60 (win10):


How’s it looking now @samarchri ?

Looks like our servers were overloaded early this morning (around same time you posted). We’re going through some investigation now to see why.



Since the latest “fix”, everything seems to be working fine, at least for me!
(ESP, 9 widgets + 3 line graphs)



Thanks for update @spacefolder! @samarchri looks like there are still some delays from our server side. We found the issue and are looking to push a fix soon.

No data from Kerlink SPN

@samarchri @spacefolder issue was resolved.


Yesterday all was good. Today showing offline again. Reset several times and still offline.


For now Cayenne Dashboard (Web) beginning very fast whithout Offline and responds as a flash to requests ! Good !

i add "time widget " sending by my device to know if there is a problem of delay with Cayenne, and now it’s very good !


i test Cayenne on 3 different PC : the only who cut the widget is because the monitor is a 1280x1024 pixels. i think it’s a resolution compatibility issue !