ESP8266-1 not connecting to dashboard

Hello community,
i would like to report n issue that popped-up last couple days. I’m using a ESP8266-1 connected to cayenne as an arduino device to check temp with a 18B20 and turn on-off an optocoupler. Also i wouldd like to say that i’m using the web dashboard via chrome browser. The device has sufficient power in order not to get disconnects and the system was working like a charm until recently.

I’m posting below the serial response from cayenne debugging:

The thing here is that the device seems to be connected both in serial communicator and in my router’s web-page.

Best regards, Kostas.

Hi Kostas,

Could you check again and see if it is appearing in the dashboard now? I suspect you may have run into the issue discussed in this thread where our Pi & Arduino server was causing devices to show offline while they were otherwise actually online, rather than any configuration issue on your end with your network or the ESP itself.

We’re believe that server is stable at the time of this writing, and will be replacing it with a new one that is in development to ultimately prevent the issue from happening again.

Hello rsiegel,
the problem remains and now i can not even add a new device. I’ll try to delete the old project and create a new one.