FishPi Aquarium Control & Automation


i have a small question :

i downloaded the app and configure GPIO 17 to switch ON at 9 AM and switch OFF at 9:10
everything works fine .

after i erase this scheduled commands and i put a GPIO ON for 10 AM , after that i unplugged the PI and start it again at 10:05 : the GPIO 17 is OFF .
is that a normal behavior or not ?

if i command the pump with it it can be a little bit dangerous


Hi Gideon

I have not experienced what you are saying. As soon as the pi connects it
should return the relay or GPIO to the current settings for scheduled


hi mrmeen
i tried once more and it does not work : how do you program the schedule i i am using the rellays ?



I will need to check my settings. But as far as I know during my testing of
the system it returns to the scheduled state.

Use cayenne on a desktop and not mobile. You have access to far more


hello there
does anyone was able to interface hall effect flow meeter with a pi3? and cayenne ??


Hi Armando

I have not personally tried it yet.

Please let us know if you have any luck.


Please post some pictures


Hey Tom

Please post up some pics of what you are working on.


It’s on Instructables as Basic Aquatic Shield :slight_smile:


If you want to start easy, google for Open Aquarium by Cooking hacks, make a shield with there pin-connections and library…


Here’s a thread for the solution on what i wanted, Online/Offline mode for arduino with cayenne: Arduino Online/Offline Override

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


AWESOME!!! :sunglasses:


Definately count me in!!! I have been running a reef angel and keep running into hardware issues whe I try to do something different. I have also tried doing some in a netduino and this platform seems like the the best choice. Got a bunch of pieces. Right now I am doing Lights with a parabola dim across the day, daily water change with water Level and ph/ temp monitor. Maybe some weekend we could open up a conference line and share Got a good number of ideas on the mechanical portion of water failsafws and such. Looking forward to collaborating


Awesome project I also have come to this stage of gadgetry and fish tanks, I have recently installed a raspberry pi with jessie and a 4x relay into the case of a large led light. Once I had hacked into the light (opened it up) I found I was able to not only control the light but also the internal 4 banks of light it has thus being able to manipulate 4 banks rather than the original idea of blue/white but also left and right sides of the tanks too,gives great effect.
I must add that atm I am plumbed into the mains water using a three stage water filterman,running a 1/4 inch line from under my sink around all the cupboards through a hole in the wall into a ballcock device on low pressure sitting in my sump giving a constant trickle this works for me very well.
As for monitoring temperature and additional parameters I’m hoping this app is going work out for me (I would buy this app) one problem I have found is being able to utilise gpio 14 as a simple i/o I can’t do this for some reason it isn’t there but is in other apps, this may mean opening up the unit once more and changing to an available pin. I am an absolute noob at this stuff and perhaps pin 14 is utilised through the app for something else like a sensor. Been great to see someone else taking on this sort of project I thought I was alone tbh looking round the net not really finding anything and then this again great project happy tanking.


Hello again, was wondering if am able to utilise the dimmer transformers in the light and would anyone know can these be manipulated using pi?


Strangely enough- I don’t believe I’ve seen any “dimmer” apps on Cayenne.
Perhaps I’m not looking, but…
there must be a way to interface something like a Phillips HUE light.

I personally have only played with relay controls- not TRIAC dimming.


Thanks I don’t believe this is possible now thinking on, as you say there are no controls for it. Will keep searching for answers. There’s always an answer might mean a bit of python script and clever interfacing but I’m sure I can hack the 5 pin connector and use some kind of variable through gpio to control the dimable transformers.Happy tanking


-look at installing the PWM extentions-
that will allow you to install and use a “slider” control widget.
I recall seeing ONE project that used PWM as a dimmer-

the builder was having sync problems matching the dimmer frequency to the 60Hz line freq.
-using the 50Hz PWM pulse through a triac isn’t the same as using a variable resistor and a triac.


Thanks perhaps worth looking into, then there is pin location will need some kind of wiring diagram…but yes thanks for your help again. Happy tanking


Use a virtual pin- since there is no “actual” slider. Then, you can plug that virtual variable into the remote unit using Virtual(in). I’m not a programmer, -but it’s documented in here somewhere- using virtual pins.