Aquarium temperature monitor

I built a Pi2 powered aquarium system to monitor temperatures and control lighting. Python scripts and crontab scheduling read the water and ambient temperatures, sending an email notification via IFFT if the readings were out of range. The data was recorded in a MySQL database. This was accessed using a PHP web page on an Apache server. The PHP called a Python script to read the data from the database, graphing the output through a Google API.

Having discovered Cayenne this morning, I migrated the temperature monitoring to Cayenne. It was very easy to do, with no problems. I will migrate the lighting control at a later date. I may also automate feeding.

Temperature monitoring is via a pair of waterproof D18B20. One in the water, the other on the outside of the tank.

Blue and White 12v LED lighting is controlled by a pair of relays. Daytime = White, Night = Blue, Morning/Evening = dimmed Blue/White.

Email and SMS alerts are set if the water temperature goes outside set limits.

Scheduling will set the lighting according to set times of the day, although I would like to link it to sunrise/sunset times.



Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Your aquarium project sounds awesome! You have/had integrated the lighting into the project which is something I’ve been intending to do with my aquarium, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Here’s my project, keep in mind it has been running headless since February so don’t get concerned by the monitor and keyboard in the photos-

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Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks Ian

When I come back from holiday, I will migrate the lighting to Cayenne, initially via scheduling, but ultimately via sunrise/sunset.

The camera was streaming live video via RPi Cam Control, but it was very water dependent. It need to be full to the brim, which the Catfish didn’t like, they like a pocket of air above the surface. I needed the camera for my telescope, and then a reversing cam for my car!

The LEDs are basic 12v as seen underneath boy racer cars. By switching different combinations, I can simulate different times of the day.

I’ll work on a feed system sometime, using a wood auger as an Archimedes screw, driven by a stepper motor.

I’ve also got three Pi used as aircraft receivers, At the moment, if I get a notification of a problem from the server at 360 radar, I have to telephone the location and get them to reboot. Cayenne will let me control it remotely.


Hey Paul,

Really cool project, thanks for sharing. I have a tortoise at home named Koopa (a Hermann’s Tortoise), and I’d like to do something similar with the Cayenne platform soon.

If you didn’t come across it already, we’re working on an API that will allow you to use custom data like local sunrise/sunset times or anything else as a basis for triggers in Cayenne, which should really offer some flexibility with the future of your project.


Great project!

I’m looking to do simmilar with LEDs on my Trigon 190 tank…

How do those IP68, gel filled LED’s (are those what you have?) hold up over time, I hear LED clusters stop working overtime?

Debating self build like this, vs one of those multi-row “LED Aquarium bars” on Amazon etc…

The LED strips were VERY cheap from eBay, less than £2 for 5!

The whites have yellowed quite badly, to the point that I may replace them before the end of the year. The blues are fine.

The advantage of the cheap lights is that for under a fiver, I can replace all the lights yearly, and it is very easy to do. When I replace these, I will replace the 12v distribution board so the strips will connect via screw connectors.

My tank, a Fluval Edge, 46l has a solid top. The way I made the housing, it just sits on top, but the original lights are still there if needed. Painting the inside of the housing I with white spray paint would probably be a good improvement.

The housing was made over a couple of days, because the glue I had needed time to set. The install of the components was done on Christmas Day afternoon. The basic coding as done in advance, and then tweaked in situ.

Nice! Ill be following this one.

Nice way everything is packaged up!